Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar
Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar

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Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar

Sale price$7.95
#2.5 can / 16 oz per can

- Exclusive -

100% US, canned for us under our label - not available anywhere else.

With the rising cost of commodities these days, this is a great addition to your food storage program, and an excellent hedge against future price increases.

Nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed, this will last as long as the seal on the can remains intact - which will be for many, many years!

Future Essentials granulated brown sugar has the same great medium molasses flavor, and it won't lump, cake or harden which makes it easy to sprinkle, pour and measure. It is great for baking and tastes great on fresh fruit, hot cereals, pancakes and even ice cream! This sugar is used as a cup for cup replacement for light brown sugar in all of your favorite recipes.
25 years