French Military MREs RCIR (24 Hour Ration)
French Military MREs RCIR (24 Hour Ration)
French Military MREs RCIR (24 Hour Ration)

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French Military MREs RCIR (24 Hour Ration)

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Menu:Menu 3 (Best By Sep 2024)
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French Military MREs RCIR (24 Hour Ration)

Menu 3 (Best By Sep 2024)

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French Armed Forces RCIR 24-HOUR combat ration pack MRE.
Please note - one box includes 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).

France uses a ration called the Ration de Combat Individuelle Rechauffable (Combat Ration Individual Reheatable), or RCIR. 

* A single ration contains 3600 calories and is intended to provide the nutritional needs for one soldier for one day
* Folding stove included in each RCIR. Also included are 6 Esbit fuel tablets and matches
* Genuine Authentic MRE from France
* Individually boxed, Rare Deluxe Ration Packs, Very Tasty!
* Once you've tried these deluxe rations you'll want them all the time!
* NATO Approved
* Includes 24 hours of food, all precooked can be eaten cold or warm. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks.
* The best and tastiest combat food in the world
* Box Weight: 3 lbs 13 oz (1.75 kg)
* Box Dimensions: 12 x 6-1/8 x 2-3/4 in (7 x 15 x 30 cm)
* Military production from France
* Expires: 2024/2025 (RCIR are good for years as long as they are stored in a cool dry place)

These are considered to be one of the best and tastiest military rations in the world!

Each meal contains:

TWO (2) Ready Cooked Dishes (varies with menu, see table below);
Starter (varies with menu, see table below);
Muesli (Breakfast);
Spread (processed cheese or chocolate cream);
Salted and Sweet Biscuits;
Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate;
Fruit Jelly;
Energy Bar;
Chocolate Bar;
Isotonic Drink Powder;
Reheating kit (Esbit stove with fuel tablets);
(6) Water purification tablets;
Trash bag.

MENU 1 Dishes MENU 2 Dishes MENU 3 Dishes MENU 4 Dishes
1. Kebab Meatballs
2. Beef, Macaroni and Pasta
Starter: Chicken Pate

1. Chicken Couscous
2. Salmon, Rice and Vegetables
Starter: Tuna pate

1. Tuna in Coconut Milk
2. Poultry Tabbouleh
Starter: Sardines Fillet

1. Piperade Tuna
2. Beef Lasagna
Starter: Chicken Liver Pate
MENU 5 Dishes MENU 6 Dishes MENU 7 Dishes MENU 8 Dishes
1. Beef Tortellini
2. Oriental Salad
Starter: Salmon Pate
1. Chili Con Carne
2. Tuna & Ginger Salad
Starter: Duck Pate

1. Asian Chicken & Shrimp.
2. Pasta & Salmon Salad
Cod Pate
1. Salt Pork & Lentils
2. Sausage in Spicy Sauce with Rice
Starter: Fish & Vegetable Filling
MENU 9 Dishes MENU 10 Dishes MENU 11 Dishes MENU 12 Dishes
1. Pork, Rice & Pineapple
2. Cassoulet (Sausages, Duck confit, and beans)
Starter: Deer Pate

1. Duck & Mashed Potatoes
2. Italian Salad
Starter: Pork Pate.

1. Pistachio Stuffed Sausage
2. Pork Risotto with Mushrooms
Starter: Pork Pate & Mushrooms
1. Paella
2. Strasbourg Sausages and Pasta
Starter: Boar Pate
MENU 13 Dishes MENU 14 Dishes

1. Farmer Hotpot
2. Carbonara Pasta
Starter: Tuna & Cheese Filling
1. Pork Cheek with Ravioles
2. Gizzards & Quinoa Salad (to eat cold)
Starter: Tuna in Pickled Sauce

Best by 2024 and 2025 (depending on the meal).